Ruby Young Elementary - "Building Solid Foundations for Future Scholars!"

At RUBY YOUNG ELEMENTARY we are committed to providing an environment that builds a solid foundation for our future scholars. Each day, students, teachers and administrators share in a common goal to provide a thriving learning environment that promotes academic success far beyond the classroom. It is with this commitment, that students and staff recite the following Student Affirmation each morning.


Some tools that will help us on our journey are Think Through Math, PENDA Learning, and iStation. Your child knows how to log in to these programs, and we encourage you to have them practice at home often. Also, a commitment to reading is a state initiative, but also something our district and our school strongly encourages.

We look forward to continuing the academic legacy that RYE has sustained over the years. Come join us!

The Ruby Young Team






Where does Ruby Young Elementary get its name?
Miss Ruby Young